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Enrollment is now open for the 2019-20 school year.

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The Application/Enrollment Process
​A Few Things You Should Know
All About Tuition & Fees
A Note from the Head of School:​​

"We are so glad you're interested in partnering with us for your child's education.
We are excited to meet the families that God brings together as Grove continues to grow."

-Brian Dennstaedt
The tuition at Grove is $7,800 annually per first student in a family. The sibling discount (10%) allows additional children from the same family to attend at $7,020 per year, per student. We have one application fee of $150 per student (goes up to $200 on May 1st). Outside of that, ​Grove does not have a list of other, miscellaneous fees as we have wrapped those costs into tuition to keep the financial obligation very straight forward. Grove allows families to make monthly, twice yearly or one-time tuition payments. There's no charge for setting up a payment plan.
You Can Apply for Financial Aid First
If the cost of tuition is a burden for your family, please don't dismiss the possibility of your children attending Grove. You can apply for need-based financial aid and you are welcome to wait to receive your aid award notification ​​​​​​​​before you apply for admission. However, we cannot guarantee there will still be openings in particular classrooms at that time. The cost to apply for financial aid is $25. Award decisions will be made on April 13th.
Acceptance & Enrollment Process
Once our admissions office receives an application, it is reviewed and parents are contacted to set up a date for a family interview as well as for the student's academic assessment. If both the school and the parents believe Grove to be a good fit for the child's education, the student will be accepted and the enrollment process can be finalized.